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The fourth wave of covid hitting the city starts to play tricks on my mind again. Though I do not miss the traveling, I feel deflated from limited mobility, especially in such glorious weather.

During my run this morning, my mind took me back to the Old Rag hike at the Shenandoah National Park.

It was a strenuous hike with several parts that put your body and mind to the test.

  1. Jump atop a ten-foot rock

The trail is famous for its mile-long rock scramble, which for the most part, I was able to overcome with relative ease until I…

It’s a simple habit that’ll transform your life.

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I lead a pretty typical life for a working mom in Hong Kong. My husband and I go to work. We have a helper at home that attends to our son and all household chores.

Until recently, all our tabletops would be covered in books, magazines, pamphlets that my husband and I have promised ourselves that we would read at some point.

Whenever we have guests over, our helper would move the paper mountain from one tabletop to another.

The Lassie-Faire storage approach is not limited to reading materials. We have similar…

How not to travel

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Thanks to the pandemic, I’d been grounded for more than six months now. My last trip was a family vacation across Vietnam in January. It was a lovely trip. But now, thinking back on that trip, the most enjoyable moments were spent in a little resort town called Mui Ne. And I still remember my husband proclaimed at check-in that the place reminded him of Thailand.

Then rewinding my life in the past 2 decades at a speed of sixteen times, I realized my husband made similar comments wherever we went.

“If you take out the…

My regimen consists of daily long slow runs and 8/16 intermittent fasting.

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I’m not a high-octane athletic person, but I do like to stay active. I used to exercise three to four times a week, which consisted of weight training, Thai boxing, and cardio. For an average build middle-aged woman like me, the weekly routine was sufficient to maintain my metabolism and weight at a reasonable rate.

I started listening to the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear a few months back. And the key message I got from that book was if only we aimed to be just 1%…

Refractions in gems, reflections in life

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I walked into what I thought was an artist’s studio to escape the midday heat from wandering the city’s myriad of winding streets. A shade of mysterious green appeared before me. On second look, it was a woman tastefully adorned in emeralds from head to toes. She must be about my age. She escorted me to the establishment’s inner section, where I learned that the place was actually a jewelry shop.

If you compare by density, there appeared to be fewer jewelry pieces in the shop than what the shop owner had on her…

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My son had always tracked behind the benchmark when it came to speech since birth. I thought the culprit was the multi-lingual environment that he lived in. Eventually, through feedback from schools and assessments, we learned that our 2yo had been suffering from selective mutism.

He could stay mute for days on end. The illness didn’t discriminate. He would be held captive by it, be it a stranger or a family member trying to engage him in conversations.

He spent years in game, speech, group, and one-on-one therapies. …

My love affair with the crustacean.

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It all began when a group of friends gathered together at the old Kai Tak Airport to bid a friend farewell. Afterwards, her parents took us to a nearby seafood restaurant. I grew up with the sea, and was well-versed in seafood. Or so I thought. There was a particular dish there that night that I had never encountered before…

Shortly after my friend’s father ordered the dish, our server carried over this giant lobster. The father carefully inspected the monster, then proclaimed, as if in a gospel, “It is good.” …

Interval, weight and yoga

Our family has been held captive by COVID-19 since the beginning of the year for months. We spent most of our waking hours on weekdays trapped indoors.

Concerned that my son doesn’t get enough time under the sun for healthy eye development, I made it a point to spend at least an hour playing on the sports ground on weekends.

The weekly liberation started off a bit monotonous. We played badminton, beach tennis, volleyball, and basketball for fifteen minutes each.

But without proper settings, playing those ball games wasn’t all that fun.

A new arrangement is…

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I’m a creature of habits. 6:30 every morning, I would head to the same bench at a nearby sports ground, leave my water bottle, start my watch, then run. I would run for about an hour and a half to two hours each day. Along with me, there are dozens of retirees doing all sorts of exercises in the same park. Over the past few weeks, I started to realize these retirees exercise for at least as long as I run. I suppose that’s not surprising as they have the time. I run with my audiobook on, and one time…

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My son has started his new year of school. This week, I met with his class teacher to discuss objectives for him.

My son has been “studying from home” since December. The winter break was brought forth by the unrest in the city, then extended by the coronavirus. He’s been studying from home for more than eight months now.

When the teacher asked me what I’d observed of my son lately, I shared that he appeared to have stopped learning since the school closed in early December.

I elaborated that his vocabulary remains pretty much unexpanded; his sentence structures remain…

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A life and fun enthusiast | have an uncontrollable love for fish | a Christian and a fitness fanatic that struggles from time to time

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